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    AJF Fingerprint Pad Lock IP65 Waterproof



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      • Commodity name: AJF Fingerprint Pad Lock IP65 Waterproof
      • Commodity ID: AJF-104

      Qualified zinc alloy environmental material.

      Your finger is the key. No key, no password, no app, no bluetooth.

      Fingerprint unlocking, the convenience of keyless can help you get rid of the fear of losing your key or forgetting the combination.

      Compact, smart, dustproof, waterproof and easy to carry. The device is connected to the USB via the data cable for charging (please fully charge the device for the first time).

      Description for Fingerprint Padlock

      Item:  Newest Popular waterproof Intelligent fingerprint lock
      Material zinc alloy
      Finish: Painting
      Size 79x46x12.7mm
      Color: Black, Silver
      Logo: Can be printed
      Battery: 3.7V 200mAh
      Fingerprint capacity:

      10 fingerprints


      Mirco USB

      Unlock way:

      fingerprint ID

      Uses: Fingerprint Lock, Smart Keyless Fingerprint Padlock, Gym Lock,Luggage fingerprint lock, Travel Fingerprint Padlock,Promotional lock, house door, backpack, suitcase, warehouse, bike, cabinet, office etc.


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